7 Fast & Easy Halloween Treat Hacks

Fast & Easy Halloween Treat Hacks

7 Fast & Easy Halloween Treat Hacks

What?  You’ve just learned it’s your turn to bring the treat – for tomorrow!  You’ve already got a heavy to-do list this evening as it is – and now this!  No fear, here’s a compilation from Pinterest of my favorite Fast & Easy Halloween Treat Hacks that take minimal time and yet still contain the Halloween spirit.

1. Frankenstein Apples

This looks super easy.  Buy some green apples, bag them, and have your kids draw the faces while you attack your to-do list.
Recipe from Non-Toy Gifts.

2. Frightful Jello, Fruit or Pudding Snacks

Jello Snacks
Same as the above, except Jello products instead of apples.
Recipe from Mommyish.

3. String Cheese Ghosts

String Cheese
Recipe from Living Life on the Lane.

4. Halloween Crackers & Drink

Recipe from Scrummy Lane.

5. Edible Band-Aides

Graham Crackers
For those that have a little more time, how interesting is this one for kids?  Nothing but graham crackers, white frosting and jelly.

6. Scary Teeth

Peanut Butter Apples
These look adorable!  Apples slices, peanut butter and mini-marshmallows.

7. Spider Eggs

Nothing goes down better than donut holes.  Grab a bag of plastic spiders and make a sign and you’re all set.
Recipe from Family Fresh Meals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Fast & Easy Halloween Treat Hacks!  For more ideas and inspiration, check out my Pinterest Page.