10 Fun Alabama Crimson Tide Tailgate Supplies

Alabama Crimson Tide Tailgate Supplies

10 Fun Alabama Crimson Tide Tailgate Supplies

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!  I could literally spend hours on this site researching recipes, crafts and home decorating ideas.  And the funny part – with all the side tangents, I usually end up discovering something new and completely different from what I intended to research in the first place.  It was one of these side tangents that prompted me to write this post!

While I was researching Alabama football, I kept seeing all of these really fun tailgate items.  Not the usual stuff I’d think about taking to a tailgate party, but the really really fun and sometimes outrageous stuff.  So here’s my compilation of 10 Fun Alabama Crimson Tide Tailgate Supplies on Pinterest.

1.  Alabama Hotdog Branding Iron

I thought everyone would have a lot of fun with this one!  Alabama Hot Dog Branding Iron

2.  Alabama Light String

What a great way to lighten up the place!

Alabama football lights

3.  Alabama Yankee Candle

Hey, who doesn’t want their tailgate party to smell good, right?

Alabama Yankee Candle

4.  The Ultimate Alabama Tailgate Bar

Wow is all I can say to this one.  How awesome!

Alabama tailgate bar

5.  The Coolest Grill of Them All

Just so pretty! I don’t know if it should even be used to cook. LOL.

Alabama Grill

6.  Awesome Alabama Party Favors

I admit I’m biased on this one since it’s mine.  But I just love them. 🙂   Fill them with snacks and treats for the guests!


7.  The Ultimate 6 Foot Flag

No more wasted time on the cell phone with those guests that can’t seem to find you.  Just tell them to follow the huge banner on the 6′ steel pole.

Alabama Flag

8.  Don’t forget Fido

Won’t your pet feel like a King in this awesome Alabama stadium bed?

Alabama dog bed

9.  Alabama Jello?

Why not!

Alabama Jello

10.  Alabama Casserole Dish

This one is sure to get your guests talking – once they finish the food!

Alabama Cassarole Dish

For these ideas and more, check out my Pinterest Board:  Alabama, Crimson Tide – Wreaths, Party Favors, Tailgate and Gifts.

Roll Tide Roll!

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